Working as a quality control cannabis expert

My two favorite things in the world are to travel and smoke pot.

Not necessarily in that order, but I enjoy both things in equal measure.

The fact that I have a job that allows me to do both is something of a dream come true. The fact that this is a career, and I could be working here forever, makes it seem too good to be true. I’m afraid I will wake up outside the Matrix one of these days, so I try to enjoy every day while I can. I work for a major cannabis dispensary franchise, I don’t want to say them by name just in case. This isn’t about them anyway, this is about having the world’s greatest job — sampling different strains of cannabis and decided which ones the company should carry. This is a very important job, and I take it seriously, because I want our dispensaries to be known for carrying the highest quality of cannabis. Not just THC content, which is important, but also the flavor of it, the mouth feel of the smoke, and the cost as well. People don’t mind paying top dollar for top quality cannabis, but I also know that some people are on a tighter budget. Our dispensaries should stock the best caliber of cannabis in every price range, and we also need to buy bulk of certain strains to convert into CBD oil. When I’m not at work I tend to stay pretty clear headed and sober, because I want the truest experience when sampling new strains of cannabis.



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