Job seekers should stay away from marijuana

It may sound naive, but I really feel like I have been making a difference in the community.

When I graduated from college I moved back to my old home town to work in an office that helps connect needy people with jobs.

This is not glamorous work, nor is it high paying, but I find it very rewarding. I meet people who need a break, and then I am able to work with them to find the break the need. Most people just need a chance to work and they do very well for themselves. Another perk for this job is they don’t drug test for cannabis, which is huge for me because I smoke every day. The great irony of this, of course, is that I advise all of my clients to avoid marijuana at all costs, because it could keep them from finding a good job. I don’t think it will be very much longer before recreational cannabis use is fully legalized, at which point they will probably stop drug testing for it. Until then, prospective job hunters should steer clear of all drugs, including marijuana, and don’t hit the alcohol too hard, either. I have no moral problem with cannabis or liquor, for the record, but I think most employers want to see a clean and person applying for a job. If you can’t stay off cannabis for long enough to apply for a job, it sends the signal you don’t really want the job. This is all easy for me to say, right, I’m on cannabis right now!

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