I could not bring my cannabis with me during the move

My family and I just moved two thousand miles, in a truck, to start a new life in a new town.

My wife got a major promotion at her job, so the choice to move was a no-brainer, even though we all really hated the idea of packing everything up.

Luckily, one of the perks for this promotion was that the job would pay for moving expenses, which means for the first time we could afford movers to do the work for us! Of course, that means that there were a few different things I could not bring along with me, including my cannabis paraphernalia and my stash. I consider myself a moderate cannabis user, and the last little while I have actually got into using CBD oil a lot. The state where I was moving had very lax recreational marijuana laws, and there were a lot of legal dispensaries in my new home town. Even with that, I did not want to risk traveling across the country, through various jurisdictions, with my bongs, pipes, and cannabis plants. That was all stuff that could be replaced, but getting pinched by a small town cop for marijuana possession would sidetrack my whole career. The great thing is that I won’t need to find a new “connection” when I settle down, because cannabis dispensaries are literally everywhere! Not only will marijuana be easier to get, but it will come in so many more flavors and varieties. It will also give me a chance to sample more CBD products, which I am excited about.