Growing cannabis is so much tougher than I thought it would be

When I first started talking about the possibility of growing cannabis at my own home, a good neighbor of mine told me that I should invest in a marijauna growing kit.

I didn’t absolutely know much about marijuana growing starter kits, so he filled myself and others in on the basics.

I l earned that with a marijauna growing starter kit, I would be supplied with all the basic things I would need to grow some quality cannabis from beginning to finish. The only thing that I absolutely would need to worry about getting apart from the marijuana growing kit would be the actual cannabis seeds, but my neighbor said that was relatively simple to get, so I wasn’t bothered too muchl. With the kit that I decided to go for, it absolutely did have everything. It had a small growing tent, grow bags, fertilizer, lighting, a timer, a fan, soil plus even odor control. I was unquestionably impressed with the kit itself, plus I suspected that this was going to be easier than I thought. Well, it wasn’t absolutely that simple after all, although I did come out with some alright cannabis buds that I was able to appreciate with a few of my friends. They all said it wasn’t awful for my first grow plus they gave myself and others a bunch of good advice. I assume I should probably have known that anybody who unquestionably needed a marijuana growing kit is probably not going to be all that good at growing cannabis. I am not sure if I should even continue on, I don’t even know how to clone plants. My friends tell myself and others I should not give up the fight, although I think I’d rather go to the cannabis dispensary plus buy the really good stuff.


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