Cooking with cannabis

In the old days, I thought that being a cook would be an easy and fun way to make a living.

  • Come to find out that there is nothing “easy” about working in a kitchen, and the only fun comes after quitting time.

What makes it even harder is that there is a whole generation of people (like myself) that all thought the same thing. I blame all the cooking shows, making chefs seem like rock stars when they are just as underpaid as everyone else. This makes it actually quite difficult to land a job, with such high competition. You have to get creative, so I focused on cannabis cooking as my forte, with stellar results! Suddenly I found myself getting traction, as the only cannabis friendly catering service in town. This is a niche market around here, I know in major cities there are cannabis themed eateries, but that wouldn’t fly around here. I am doing private function catering exclusively at this point, offering any number of marijuana infused dishes. One of the options I have is the THC content of the food. Much like there are healthier light dishes on normal menus, my food can come rich with THC content, or use a CBD oil base that will not get you high at all. As you might guess, no one ever goes the CBD route, they want the full cannabis experience. Although I prepare my food in advance, I always finalize dessert in front of everyone, so I can add their own personal cannabis to the recipe if they ask.
Indica strains