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I have worked for the local cannabis dispensary for about many years now.

In the past three years our business has doubled & we are about to get ready to open up a modern store.

I am so excited that we have enough business to open up a modern cannabis dispensary & help more people with their ailments. My parents didn’t think it was a good system for myself and others to get involved in the cannabis industry because they did not think there was longevity & wanted myself and others to have a long & fulfilling work… However, I constantly knew that the cannabis industry was going to take off one morning & I am so gleeful that I listened to our intuition back then. I also just found out that I am going to be the manager of our modern cannabis dispensary & I could not be happier about it. I have particularly proven our worth in this business & I am so glad that our boss has seen the value of our strenuous work, then now that I am going to be the manager of our own cannabis dispensary, I have to beginning thinking of ways to get people in the door. I particularly want to make sure that I have enough customers in the dispensary to keep the doors open. I suppose this is a huge moment for our work & if I do well I might even get to own our own cannabis dispensary one morning. That would be a dream come tplot for myself and others & I would particularly get to show our parents that this industry is going to stick around.