There is always more to learn

Not too long ago I moved into a modern town recently, and I have a modern friend of course.

Me as well as my friend hit it off pretty well, however but unfortunately, my friend is fighting with brain cancer, and it seems to come plus go, so there is a good occasion they will be ok in a little while.

But because of this, I learned that they have a medical marijuana card, however that gives them the legal right to possess marijuana plus be able to smoke it for health reasons. My best friend has been able to give me so much medical marijuana education in the Last week or so that I have been here. I can certainly say that I now understand the benefits of medical marijuana a lot better than I ever had before thanks to the medical marijuana education that they have been giving me for a long time. In the past few years, I always considered marijuana just a recreational thing to get high and then get-together plus act goofy. I had heard about medical marijuana, but never knew anyone that had a medical marijuana card until now. This whole thing with knowing a person with a legal right to use medical marijuana has entirely been an educational experience all together. I was never a marijuana smoker honestly much, and even as a teenager. I did the correct recreational marijuana smoking for a short amount of time here plus there, but it was never a respected kind of thing love most of my friends did. I simply didn’t get that much pleasure out of it. But I am entirely blissful to get the education on the medical use of marijuana.


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