I learned a lot today

I just moved into a new neighborhood recently. And I have a new neighbor of course. My neighbor and I hit it off pretty well. But sadly, my neighbor is battling cancer. It seems to come and go, so there is a good chance they will be ok in a little while. But because of this, I found out that they have a medical marijuana card. That gives them the legal right to possess marijuana and be able to smoke it for health reasons. My neighbor has given me a lot of medical marijuana education in the last month or so that I have been here. I can honestly say that I now understand the benefits of medical marijuana a lot better than I ever had before thanks to the medical marijuana education that they have been giving me. In the past, I always considered marijuana just a recreational thing to get high and party and act goofy. I had heard about medical marijuana, but never knew anyone that had a medical marijuana card until now. This whole thing with knowing someone with a legal right to use medical marijuana has really been an educational experience all together. I was never a marijuana smoker very much. Even as a teenager. I did the usual recreational marijuana smoking for a little while here and there, but it was never a regular kind of thing like most of my friends did. I just didn’t get that much pleasure out of it. But I am really glad to get the education on the medical use of marijuana.

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