I got such an unbelievable yield for my 1st Cannabis harvest

When recreational Cannabis finally became legal here in my state, I was interested in getting in on the action, but after studying the laws of the state, I acquired how all of us were allowed to grow upwards of 6 plants for personal use, however only 3 were allowed to be matureā€¦ I was pretty happy about this, although I still realized that I knew nothing about growing Cannabis; So I decided to study some websites that taught many of the basics about growing Cannabis, then the first thing I l acquired was that you must get the most common set up for your growing operationā€¦ You can have a nice growing operation for indoors or outdoors, although I would have to do indoors only.

  • The main reason is because the state law requires that all of us have our Cannabis plants in a locked place where nobody can get access to the plants except for you.

I suppose I could have gotten a greenhouse with a lock & a key, although I might try doing that at a later date. So I got all the unit needed including a very nice sized grow tent, a couple of fluorescent light fixtures with the T5 grow bulbs. I actually got 1/2 vegatative lights & half bloom lights. The vegatative lights have a 6400k spectrum while the bloom lights have the 3000k spectrum. The vegatative lights are for the vegatative growth when you have up to 6 hours of dark, & the bloom are for the budding flowers when you have 12 hours of darkness. I got some nice genetics, Blue Dream & Girl Scout Cookies. It was entirely exciting watching all my plants grow for the first time. It actually was a lot easier than I thought, & I came out with a very unbelievably large yield for my first harvest.


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