Being a budtender rocks!

I have finally gotten to work at an entirely nice Cannabis Dispensary for a long while now.

  • I actually must say, it was very much worth it getting the enhanced Cannabis Education I needed to land this gig… Before you are able to task for any Cannabis Dispensary, you actually need to complete all of the budtender training classes.

These might not be the easiest things for everybody, however to myself and a few others it felt entirely fascinating. I l acquired so much about uncommon CBD & Cannabis products in a small period of time. It was a bit of an investment, however now I make pretty nice currency as a pro budtender. To be a nice budtender, you also must attend various trade shows, research all of the new and trending products, & keep new with the partner Cannabis Dispensaries. There have been many times when I have been needed at our partner locations, which has never been any problem for me! When you are a Budtender, you are basically an expert with any type of Cannabis products. You need to assume all the benefits of each product & you must be able to expertly guide customers to the products that they need. You basically will interview customers to see what kind of ailments they might suffer from, or what kind of high they are seeking from the products. There are also customers who aren’t seeking any high at all, & this is when you would refer them to the CBD products. Both of us have all kinds of unbelievably tasty edibles for those who appreciate not to smoke or vape. Occasionally customers inquire of myself and others about dangers with vaping, & I actually tell people that I guess there is some propaganda going on to make vaping seem bad. I have vaped Cannabis products for many years now & I have never had any complications.

Budtender Classes