The cannabis plant never ceases to amaze me

It was always my dream to get involved with the cannabis industry.

Over the years I have learned so many amazing things about this miraculous plant.

When various states started legalizing cannabis on the recreational level, I decided to move to one of those states so I could get in on the action. I figure that the best places are those with recreational cannabis because then cannabis is legal to the masses. The state I moved to, you are even allowed to grow your own cannabis plants so long as you keep them under lock and key and not out in the open. Now I immediately wanted to start working at a good cannabis dispensary so I did some research on some of the best and most popular cannabis dispensaries. I also learned that I would have to take some cannabis education courses. This one cannabis dispensary that really stood out to me offered the budtender training course at their own facility. I thought this would be beneficial if I was going to be working there. I would be able to learn all about their growing operation, all about the cannabis products, and I might actually learn something new. When I actually took the budtender training course, I was surprised at how many things I didn’t know about cannabis. This miraculous plant never ceases to amaze me and that’s why I am proud that I am finally working in the cannabis industry. I am able to help a wide variety of people on a daily basis and I am able to teach them all kinds of things about our cannabis products.


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