Had to train before working at the cannabis dispensary

For the longest time I had been out of a job! It seemed like there were no good tasks around.

I had a number of on the phone chats but never got the call back to labor at these offices.

So finally, some buddies were telling myself and others that they were hiring at the local cannabis dispensary… Since I really enjoyed cannabis & knew a lot about cannabis products, I figured this would be a great task for me! When I went to apply for the job, that is when I acquired that I would need a proper cannabis education course. So basically I would have to complete the budtender training course to learn all about the cannabis products they sold, & how to help the people who were looking for many cannabis products. I had no concern with this but the cost of the training plan was a little bit pricey. I figured it would be worth it though if I was able to get the job, so I decided to take the budtender training course. Being a woman who has smoked plenty of cannabis, I was shocked to learn so many things that I wasn’t aware of previously. I didn’t know about respectfully curing cannabis to give a better quality product & I didn’t know much about bitterness either, then the bitterness are what give the taste & flavor of the cannabis flowers, but oftentimes the flavor will be detached for extraction & reinfused into extracts so they are able to maintain those flavors & tastes which is very neat. When I completed the budtender training course, the cannabis dispensary welcomed myself and others to work!


Budtender Training